My Dreaming Place is The Memory Foam Mattress

There was a time when I used to go to the psychologists to cure my anxiety and stress problem. I was restless, helpless and hopeless. My whole life was ruined and I had nowhere to go. My problem was very difficult to deal as the doctors want me to sleep and it was very difficult for me to sleep at night due to stress lock. It all started when I shifted to New York to continue my education of Masters in engineering from Arizona. I had purchased everything as second hand like the furniture, table and other household stuff. My mattress was also one of them.

I didn’t realize the real trouble maker in my health issue. In the first year of my studies, I performed quite well but in the next two years my performance was getting down and I was sleeping for few hours at night only. I was stressing up due to the burden of work and timely fulfillment of assignments. However, I was submitting my work on time but with less creativeness and accuracy. So, I begin to receive less score on my assignments and quizzes due to declined mind health. It was all happening due to less sleep at night and I hardly sleep for 2 hours in 24 hours schedule due to the increasing burden and stress of work.

As a result within two years, I was collapsed and had frozen my semester to take holidays for my health recovery. My mental health was down along with the physical health as well. My parents started my cure from a psychologist. After all he suggested me to take some pills and try to sleep early at night. I took the pills before the scheduled sleep time and amazingly I slept after 15 minutes. This routine continued and my physical health was getting better too. But this was for short term basis as I was taking sleeping pills.

When the suggested time frame of the psychologist had finished, he then suggested me to leave medicine and rely on counseling now. But within the counseling lessons he realized that I am totally fine and having some other kind of issue. He asked me about the bed on which I was sleeping. I told him that my mattress was sinking and old made of springs. Finally he came up with a conclusion of my problem and that was the mattress. I was uncomfortable on the mattress while sleeping at night and that was the reason of my less sleep.

Then my doctor suggested me a memory foam mattress which is a top quality mattress with a heaven like feel. I changed my mattress not even in the rented room in New York but also at my home as well because it memory foam has a unique feel that none other mattress has. Some people use memory foam mattress toppers to make their bed an extra comfortable.

Actually they don’t want to change their mattress in a short time so they purchase an extra protection in the form of memory foam mattress topper.

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