3 Ways to Monitor The Water Treatment For a Cooling Tower

If you are the owner or contractor required to maintain a water treatment for a cooling tower, then you are the individual responsible for identifying risk factors and how to avoid them. Controlling various problems that can arise if your cooling tower does not work effectively should be foremost on your mind. Here are a few key strategies that can help to minimize the risk factors associated with these types of water treatments.

Install a Timer and a Recirculating Pump

When parts of the tower system remain idle for too long, stagnant water will naturally accumulate. Installing a timer and a recirculating pump set to automatically move the water through the system reduces the chances of any bacteria growth that results from standing water. Much of the resulting bacteria have been identified as the leading cause of many diseases that can be circulated through some of these types of systems.

Determine the source of environmental contamination

Environmental contamination can come from a number of sources including dust and debris from construction, nearby traffic, or even birds nesting on or near the tower. Your cooling tower must be protected from any environmental factors, and the risks of water contamination must be reduced as much as possible. The more environmental exposure you can keep from getting into your system, the less risk of your system spreading those contaminants to the population served by the tower.

Control Corrosion Levels

Your water treatment monitoring should also focus on the natural corrosion that builds up anytime you use water. Using anti-corrosive additives and careful checking of the metal content that builds up in the water can actually slow down the build up of these materials in it. Therefore, it is advisable that regular cleaning and disinfecting at least twice a year can help to control any types of corrosion and environmental contaminants that may get into the cooling system.

If you are currently using a water treatment for a cooling tower, it is advisable that you monitor and thoroughly check it at least once a month. This will help to reduce the risk of contamination in the system long before a problem would arise. There are many ways to set your system to automatically do this with devices that can measure chemical levels and set off alarms when those levels are beyond an acceptable limit. Maintaining your system and staying ahead of those warning signs can keep all those exposed to your cooling tower comfortable and safe at the same time.

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